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Shexist was created with music in her heart. She landed in Los Angeles California in 1999, at the turn of the millennium and from the outset of her arrival, she immersed herself in the vibrant tapestry of the local underground Hip Hop and Electronic music scenes, adopting various artistic names and personas along the way. Collaborating with talented artists and producers, she contributed to the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles, leaving an indelible mark.


Her musical odyssey includes collaborations, performances, and shared stages with luminaries such as Phoenix Orion, St. Brendan, the visionary 0010x0010, Mirrorman, Zen r.el.z.m of The Visionaries, and many others. Her growth in the music realm crystallized a distinctive frequency and sound, illuminating vital issues and unexplored realms in our ever-shifting world.


In 2012, a collaboration album titled "In The Fog" emerged from the fusion of Shexist's talents with artist/producer Mirrorman. This project took on a meaningful purpose, as all proceeds from the album sales went towards aiding children in Chernobyl, Ukraine, and Belarus, who continue to grapple with genetic disorders stemming from the 1986 nuclear disaster. Shexist's recent ventures include the release of She'll never be me," a collaboration with 0010X0010, featured prominently in the movie “Compulsion” starring Analeigh Tipton. This song also found its place in the "We are not alone" playlist curated by Ellen Allien. Additionally, check out Tigercide's recent release, The Remedy remix album, a collaborative project, with bandmate St. Brendan and various music artists. 

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