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Between thought and frequency in motion, a conduit between realms, swimming in the essence of creation. Opening to the great creator, a channel for divine energy to enter the world, into a signature sound frequency and song.

A song that call forth root and tree, flower and cloud, leaf and stone and the sea. Enchanting spirit invokes the magic within, invites you into her world of mysticism, multidimensional 

wonder and space.

She is the Anima and Animus.

She is the Goddess Azul.

Lotis rising like the sun.



Shexist was created with music in her heart. She landed in Los Angeles California in 1999, at the turn of the millennium. Beginning at the time of her arrival - and under several artistic names and guises, she began working with local Artists and Producers in the Los Angeles underground Hip Hop and Electronic music scenes. Over the following years, she has worked her way from studio to studio co-creating and recording on many and myriad projects. Shexist has recorded, guest performed and/or shared the stage with legendary artist Phoenix Orion, St. Brendan, Dutch audio / visual fine artist and electronic music producer 0010x0010, Mirrorman, Zen r.el.z.m of The Visionaries, David Harrow, Kenny Segal, Storyteller and futurist Mark Gonzalez, Grammy Nominated artist Spontaneous, Mr. Moods of Dusted Wax Kingdom, TAWk, Soulflower, Dead Prez, Goapele, The 7Seven Sisters and more. The growth earned with her music experience has crystalized Shexist. Having captured a unique frequency and sound, she sheds light on important issues and ideas, realms seen and unseen attention,

in an ever-shifting world.

In 2012, hailing from both Poland and the United States, “In The Fog” is a collaboration album between artist/producer Mirrorman and Shexist. All proceeds from the sale of the album go to assist the children in Chernobyl, Ukraine and Belarus who are suffering from genetic disorders as a result of the nuclear disaster of 1986. More recent projects include, "She'll never be me" a song by 0010X0010 and Shexist which was featured in a prominent scene in the movie “Compulsion” starring Analeigh Tipton. The song also appeared on the "We are not alone" playlist by Ellen Allien. “Just You and Me”, a song by Adolfo Alexi and Shexist was featured in a Dolly Parton Netflix series, “Heartstrings”. Shexist’s primary project with bandmate Brendan Russell, Tigercide, gives musical form to a landscape with the ethereal, melancholic vocals and exotic tribal beats. Tigercide, in 2019 released their EP “The Remedy” and are currently working on the release of their remix album of

The Remedy under their new label, Spellbound.

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